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Landline Based Medical Alert Alarm Systems

Medical Alert Alarm Systems for Seniors Living at HomeOur medical alert alarm systems are an ideal choice for seniors, those who are physically challenged, those who are recovering from surgery or accidents, and anyone living alone. With our MedicalAlert360 medical alert alarm systems, seniors and other individuals can maintain their independence while living safely at home. Our medical alert alarm systems provide seniors and their family members with the comfort and reassurance of knowing that help is just the push of a button away during emergencies. Therefore, MedicalAlert360 alarm systems provide seniors with the ability to maintain active and independent lives while enjoying the freedom to engage in all normal activities around the house, or anywhere with our mobile medical alert alarm.

With a medical alert alarm system, should a medical emergency occur while you or your loved one is living alone, the panic button worn around the wrist or neck provides immediate contact with emergency personnel in situations WHEN EVERY SECOND COUNTS. Our medical alert alarm systems immediately contact our FIVE DIAMOND Certified monitoring center and begin the process of getting you or your loved ones help. Therefore, doctors, hospitals, and governmental agencies highly recommend a MedicalAlert360 medical alert alarm system in every home!

To get your medical alert alarm necklace or wristband for you or your loved one, order online today!

Medical Alarm System Purchase

Purchase a MedicalAlert360 Brand New Unit, free from germs and disease.

  • Brand new unit $179.95
Monthly Rates:
Monthlyas low as $24.95 / Month
  • $15.00 Shipping

How Our Medical Alert Alarm Systems Work

Emergency Medical Alert Alarm Systems for SeniorsWith our medical alert alarm systems, our 24 hour monitoring center is always ready to help at just the push of a button even when family members or friends cannot. These medical alert alarm systems are simple and easy for anyone to use.

To call for help using the MedicalAlert360 medical alert alarm systems:

  • Press the Button: Simply press the button on your wristband or necklace pendant to activate the medical alert alarm system. You can also press the Emergency button located on your MedicalAlert360 base unit.
  • Get Immediate Contact: When the button is pressed, our medical alert alarm systems will receive the signal from the transmitter and then automatically call our monitoring center.
  • Say What You Need: TWO highly trained personal emergency response operators will answer each incoming call for help. You simply tell our personnel what the emergency is and one operator will stay in constant communication with you through the two-way speaker phone to provide comfort and assurance until help arrives.
  • Get the Help You Need: Depending on your situation, the second operator who listens in on the call, will immediately begin to call the appropriate authorities, emergency services, or family member for help. After emergency personnel are on the way, the first personal emergency response operator will remain on the line until help arrives. The second personal emergency response operator will then move on to contact family members, friends, neighbors or other pre-determined contacts if necessary to let them know about the emergency.

Learn More About Our Medical Alert Alarm Systems & Order Today

If you would like to learn more about the MedicalAlert360 medical alert alarm systems or you would like to place an order for a medical alarm system for you or a loved one, you can order a medical alert alarm necklace or wristband online or call us at (855) 248-2731.

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